Either starting up your own company or supporting your ongoing business:                               Our expertise will greatly contribute to your success.  

Regardless of whether you own a company, are self-employed or a freelancer, competent tax advice is essential in today's world. Consequently, we do not only understand our role as ongoing support with fulfilling recurring legal requirements. Our objective is to provide the required tax and business expertise to optimize your tax situation ensuring your company's long-term success.


Our services for companies, self-employed individuals and freelancer include:

  • Preparation and administration of day-to-day accounting 
  • Preparation of annual financial statements according to commercial and tax law regulations as well as cash basis income statements
  • Assistance with the implementation and setup of an accounting system at the client site (self-booking clients)
  • Payroll accounting
  • Preparation of all business tax returns including advance assessments and review of tax assessment notices
  • Business analysis and controlling reports
  • Representation and assistance when dealing with the authorities
  • Tax and business consulting as well as strategic planning 
  • Participation and supervision in the event of tax audits 


Our additional services for new founders include:

  • Tax and business advice
  • Budgeting calculations (capital budgeting, financial planning, liquidity planning)
  • Consulting on the appropriate legal structure of the company
  • Review of contracts in regards to impact on taxation
  • Tax registrations 


The list is not exhaustive. For special topics or general questions, please contact us directly


Should we identify a larger consulting demand for specific topics, we offer our services for new entrepreneurs and small companies additionally as workshops.

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