Competent tax advice not only saves you time. 

Despite efforts to simplify tax filing procedures, the introduction of electronic data submission and the availability of commercial software tools, the preparation of the annual income tax declaration remains a very complex and time-consuming task. Because of the ever-changing tax laws and regulations it gets more and more challenging to remain up to date and have an overview. Especially for long-term private investment schemes, comprehensive tax advice is indispensable. Your life should not be complicated by taxes.


Our service for individuals include:

  • Preparation of annual income tax return for individuals
  • Tax advice, support and planning in the event of changes to the personal tax situation or private investments
  • Applications for payroll tax reduction
  • Review of tax assessment notices
  • Representation and assistance when dealing with the authorities 


Our additional services for topics in international tax law include:

  • Preparation of annual income tax return for individuals like
    ​Cross border commuters
    Assignees and expatriates
    - Individuals partially subject to unlimited taxation (Move to or from Germany)

    Individuals subject to limited taxation (non-residents)
  • Tax advice, support and planning on domestic income of non-residents and foreign income of German residents 


The list is not exhaustive. For special topics or general questions, please contact us directly. 

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